The Better India “Jharkhand Man Uses Ancestral Home, 60% of Salary to Run 3 Schools For Poor Kids!”

He begins, “Where I grew up, education wasn’t given much importance, still isn’t. More than 33% of the population in Jharkhand is illiterate. The area around my district has a population of 60 lakhs, where more than a lakh are children. There are only four schools that impart quality education there. Most of these kids, coming from underprivileged backgrounds either attend government schools or don’t pursue an education at all. And I wanted to change that.”

Dev, who transferred to Jharkhand after four years of working in Kolkata, reveals how the Lok Sabha elections of 2014 were the turning point of his life. He was appointed as the district election in-charge at the time. To train personnel, he travelled to government schools which served as centres during the polls and stumbled upon poorly written leave applications by students.

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